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The Customer is asked to read carefully all the provisions of the Contract concerning their function. The Contract must be duly dated, signed and returned by the customer within the appointed time with the required deposit payments. If Anomaly Catering accepts a change to the Contract signed by both parties, a new Contract offer shall be drawn up which shall cancel the previous offer.

Pending bookings will be held for a period of 48 hours. If not confirmed during this time, and deposit has not been received, no effort will be made to contact the client, and the booking will be cancelled.


 A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking for catered events; excluding weddings. Nonrefundable portion of booking fee is $500 for Catering.

$1000 non refundable deposit for Weddings is due at contract signing.

 In the event of cancellation occurring within seven day's of your booked event, you will be liable for the entire event balance.


Anomaly Catering will provide basic plastic disposable wares, cutlery and serving utensils for catered events only.

At an additional cost we will provide to-go containers, compostable, or elegant options.

Anomaly Catering's team is highly recommended to provide high quality standard services.



  • PRICE GUARANTEES: Prices may be subject to change without notice due to market price fluctuation. Substitutions and additions on any menu will reflect price changes on the final invoice. Once the contract is signed & deposit has been received, the contract pricing is locked in for the remainder of the calendar year. If your event is booked and occurring in the next calendar year, your catering menu pricing may be subject to increase up to 10%. This is due to unforeseen increased costs in Commodity Market priced items such as Taxes, Poultry, Beef, Fuel. Client will be notified 30 days prior to their event date of any menu increases via email and invoice. At that time, Client has the right to terminate contract and be issued a refund minus the deposit, of any payments previously paid on account in the same manner as it was received.

  • DELIVERY: A delivery fee will be assessed for food items that require only drop off at the event location. Delivery outside of a certain amount of miles will be assessed by time and mileage then charged accordingly. Return trips for clean-up, drop-off of extra food, etc. will incur an additional delivery charge. Large deliveries and difficult delivery venues with stairs will require extra labor and service fee.

  • EQUIPMENT HAULING: Anomaly Catering charges a $3 per stair per on site staff, If venue is located at the upper floor with no service elevator an additional service fee of $50 per floor per on site staff will be charged. If venue is 100 meters away from unloading area an additional fee of $50 per on site staff shall be charged. If Caterer operates in a public facility, a list of rules and conditions shall be given to Caterer two weeks prior to the event. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Caterer prior to the event that all kitchen equipment such as ovens, stoves, microwaves, ice machines, and refrigeration are in proper working condition. Additionally, if trash needs to be removed from the premises by Caterer, written notification must be provided and Caterer will charge a reasonable fee to dispose of all trash. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Caterer of an inventory of all tables, chairs, and any other necessary equipment to be used by Caterer. Furthermore, customer must provide information if Caterer is to set up and break down and return to storage any equipment used for the event. This includes the set up of tables, linens, chairs, umbrellas/umbrella stands, tablecloths, and a table pre-set of china, flatware, glasses, and napkins. In addition to having to pay for additional set-up, extra fees will apply if job duties are not identified and outlined as “Caterer’s Responsibilities” within the body of the contract.

  • VENUES: ALL VENUE FEES MUST BE PAID BY HIRING AGENT. Anomaly Catering is not responsible for any extra venue booking fees and will bill the client for any additional charges, charged to The Caterer by Vendors/Venues.​

  • CANCELLATION: An event canceled after receiving the signed contract or agreed upon invoice and deposit will result in forfeiture of the full deposit. Rescheduling the event is always granted base on date availability, usually as soon as possible. However, the initial deposit will need to be paid again. Additional cost will apply if perishable ingredients need re-preparation or if subcontract/provision cost need to be recharged.

  • DEPOSIT: The deposit is non-refundable or transferable for any circumstances.

  • ALCOHOL: Anomaly catering offers licensed mixologist; however, It is not Caterer’s obligation and responsibility to supply and serve any alcoholic beverages. If customer desires alcoholic beverages for their function, customer must supply and pay for said alcoholic beverages at their own cost, expense, and liability. In addition, any bartender fees incurred are to be paid directly by customer to the Caterer for the bartender service. Customer agrees to hold harmless Caterer for any damages, injuries, or death, resulting from drunkenness or any other reason related to the provision and/or consumption of alcohol by customer. Customer will indemnify Caterer and pay any and all legal fees and costs resulting from customer’s guests, vendors, members, or invitees.

  • FOOD BORNE ILLNESS: The CLIENT shall not be allowed to add any type of food not prepared by the CATERER for food safety reasons. If the CLIENT wishes to bring in food not prepared by the CATERER. Anomaly Catering's, Catering Services, "the CATERER" is automatically relieved from all liabilities due to food poisoning and spoilage. Food exposed in room temperature for more than 4 hours might get spoiled. Any delay on the stated serving time or left-over food, the CATERER shall be relieved from all liabilities if food poisoning or any problem should arise.

Hey! Where's my leftovers & What about my allergies?

  • LEFTOVERS: If there are leftovers from the event, the client will receive those leftovers. The client must supply appropriate containers. If you do not have containers, any leftovers will be discarded, as we will not be able to store them for you. Client assumes all liability resulting in failure to properly maintain safe food temp's and storage of food. Leftovers must be consumed within 24 hours.

  • FOOD SERVICE: At the time of the event an actual count will be made of those attending and payment in full will then be made for any additional persons attending beyond guaranteed attendance. Dietary substitutions can be made available at time of booking. Persons receiving substitute meals must be identified by a special ticket. 

NUT, DAIRY, GLUTEN, OTHER FOOD ALLERGY AND SPECIAL DIET: Anomaly Catering cannot guarantee full omission of all ingredients we use in our kitchen. Our commercial kitchen is an open plan shared facility and allergens such as nuts and gluten are present, so there is always the possibility of cross contamination even when taking every possible precaution. Anomaly Catering will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items an individual may come in contact with at any event catered by Anomaly Catering.


Please Read Catering Disclosure Prior to making Deposit.

  • "TIME is of the ESSENCE": Anomaly Catering's staff, values the time that is spent serving you and your guest. However, we have to share our value with others booked after you. Please respect the "ALLOTTED SLOT"  to avoid additional charges. The CLIENT shall be solely responsible for securing all necessary permits, gate passes, authorizations and clearances necessary for the CATERER to effectively set-up it’s equipment on time.

  •  PREMIUM RATES: 20% GRATUITY added to all holiday, special event weekends, and rush order bookings. ***Rush orders are considered bookings requested with less than a two week notice).***

  • DEPOSIT: A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking for catered events; excluding weddings. Nonrefundable portion of booking fee is $500 for Catering. A $1000 non refundable deposit for Weddings is due at contract signing. In the event of cancellation occurring within seven day's of your booked event, you will be liable for the entire event balance.

  • FINAL PAYMENT DUE:  All catering orders require full payment 14 days before the event and 30 days before a wedding. Non-payment of scheduled balances reserves the right for Anomaly Catering's, Catering Services, "the CATERER" to CANCEL all services without any refund.

  • MENU SELECTIONS: Customer shall provide Caterer with a menu selection, Final menu selections must be made no later fourteen (14) than days for catering and thirty-five (35) days for weddings prior to Event, by 1 PM United States Central time. Any changes to menu selections occurring within Fourteen (14) catering days or THIRTY (30) wedding days shall be subject to an additional fee of $100 per change, and are subject to availability.

  • ATTENDANCE COUNT: Customer’s guaranteed attendance and entrée counts must be received no later than fourteen (14) business catering days or Thirty-five (35) wedding business days prior to the Event Date by 1:00 PM United States Central time.  This number will be considered guaranteed and is not subject to reduction and charges will be made accordingly. If Customer does not notify Caterer of the final attendance at least fourteen catering business days or thirty-five (35) wedding business days prior to the Event, the expected number of attendees listed on this Agreement will be used as the guaranteed attendance.

  • LIABILITY; INSURANCE:  Customer agrees to be responsible for any damages to the property or any other part of the contracted event location during the time of the Event by Customer or Customer’s guests, invitees, employees, independent contractors, or other agents who are under Customer’s control, or under the control of any independent contractor hired by Customer, except to the extent such damages may be caused in whole  or in part by the acts or omissions of Caterer’s guests, invitees, employees, independent contractors, or other agents who are under Caterer’s control. Caterer and Customer each agree to carry commercially reasonable policies of commercial general liability insurance with respect to the business conducted by Caterer and Customer, as such business is relevant to the Event.

  • LATE FEES: If Customer fails to pay when due any amount payable or any reimbursable costs for damages hereunder, such amount shall bear interest at the lower of 2.5% per month or the highest allowable interest rate under applicable law, and Customer agrees to pay Caterer for all costs and fees including but not limited to collection costs, court costs, and actual attorneys’ fees.

  • CREDIT CARD: Anomaly Catering gladly accepts all types of credit card, debit cards, personal and corporate checks. Payments with credit card for weddings and large social events will incur a 10% transaction fee if payment is split. No fee will be imposed on deposits paid with a credit card. Payments made through PayPal are currently accepted with a rush order same day 15% service/transfer fee. This fee is added to all bookings which is inclusive of payment processing fees and setup fees.

  • Anomaly Catering charges a Per Person rate with a minimum fee of $2000. This does not apply to D8NIGHT bookings or to-go pans.  Anomaly Catering reserves the right to require a minimum number of guests per menu or per event. Guest minimum amounts, menu prices, menu items, and any other services or products offered by Anomaly Catering are subject to change at any time, without notice, based on resources, availability and other factors. There may be a time lag between any changes to prices, minimum guest requirements, and menu items or any other products/services, and when those changes appear on the website or on any other materials. Specific guest minimums, menu prices, menu items and service/products offerings will be confirmed by Anomaly Catering when you discuss your event with our staff.

  • CATERING PERFORMANCE: Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the Caterer to complete the same and is subject to disputes, strikes, accidents, transportation, availability of foods, beverages or supplies and other causes whether enumerated herein or not. Beyond the control of the Caterer preventing or interfering with the performance of this agreement. Caterer's liability shall be limited for any breach or non-performance of the agreement or any part thereof to the amount paid for the initial deposit. Caterer shall not be liable for damages, consequential or otherwise other than for the return of the referenced deposit. Caterer is not responsible for damage or loss of any personal property at your event premises. You are responsible for the damages, theft, breakage and/or loss at or to the premises.

  • FORCE MAJEURE: Any delay or failure in the performance by Anomaly Catering shall be excused if and to the extent caused by the occurrence of a Force Majeure. For purposes of this Contract, Force Majeure shall mean a cause or event that is not reasonably foreseeable or otherwise caused by or under the control of the Party claiming Force Majeure, including extreme weather, fires, floods, explosions, riots, accidents, governmental acts, injunctions, power failures or labour strikes.

  • POSTPONEMENT: Requests for postponement of a booking must be received in writing two weeks prior to event date, and 30 days prior to wedding day, the rescheduled booking date must be within 12 months of the original booking unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, and is subject to availability. Minus the deposit amounts paid to date will be allocated to the new function date. Anomaly Catering reserves the right to withhold all or part of the deposit for administration team and service costs incurred.

  • BUSINESS DEFAMATION:  is when a false assertion of fact regarding a business is communicated to a third party and that false assertion of fact harms the business' reputation. Yes, we will sue for defamation if false and damaging statements are made about the company and those statements cause harm to the company's reputation or financial well-being.

  • DISPUTES: Disputes between Customer and Caterer: Customer acknowledges that Company shall hire and coordinate with a mediator to provide a fair resolution for Customer’s benefit. Customer agrees that a licensed mediator shall mediate any disputes between the Customer and the Caterer regarding Anomaly Catering's performance of Services and quality of food. Should Customer determine Food or performance of services unsatisfactory, Customer may submit a written complaint to Anomaly Catering at to resolve any disputes between Customer and Caterer or Catering staff. Upon receipt of a written complaint by Customer, Company shall notify Catering team of the dispute. Within fourteen days of notification of dispute, Caterer and Customer shall submit written statements and any other evidence necessary to establish their respective claims. Upon good faith review of all the evidence provided to Company, a legal mediator shall issue a final binding ruling which may result in a maximum forfeiture of payment under the Services Agreement and any agreement entered into between Customer and Caterer. Any disputes between Customer and Caterer in an amount greater than the Total Cost shall be tried in the courts in the county in which the Services are performed.

  • INDEMNIFICATION: Company shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Customer and its officers, directors, partners, agents, members, managers and employees from and against any and all demands, claims, damages to persons or property, losses and liabilities, including reasonable attorney’s fees (collectively “Claims”) arising out of or caused by the Company’s negligence in connection with Services, except to the extent attributable to the Customer or its members’, agents’, employees’ negligence. Customer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company and its officers, directors, partners, agents, members, managers and employees from and against any and all Claims arising out of or caused by the Customer’s negligence in connection with the Services, except to the extent attributable to the Company or its members’, agents’, employees’ negligence. Customer acknowledges that the Services shall be performed by one or more Subcontractors of Company and shall seek recourse first through a Claim against Subcontractor.

These terms and conditions set out above represent a complete statement of the agreement between the parties and supersede all prior discussions, correspondence and representations. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and changes will apply to any event booking received after the date of the change. This agreement will be governed by Wisconsin's law, without regard to any conflicts of law.

                                                                        THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING US!


                                       "TAKING YOUR TASTE BUDS ON AN ADVENTURE WITH EVERY BITE".

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